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The company

The company Corcho Sevilla SL born in 1951, thanks to the effort and passion he feels its owner Contioso Braulio Santos suberícula the world. It is a family business wanting to keep working and striving. Corks Sevilla been working in the cork industry many years, hence that has experience in the treatment of the product. The company covers a multitude of activities, from the extraction of the cork in the tree in the field until his transfer to the factory, where they proceed to their classification, boiling, sterilization, cut and graded bales of cork boards. Although fundamentally, the firm focuses on the preparation of raw cork and bales header.
Avenida Virgen del Rocio 141 | 41970 Santiponce (Sevilla - España)
Tel.: +34 955 997 424 Fax +34 955 998 128 | e-mail: info@corchosevilla.es
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